Kognition began in 2003 as a carbon composites fabrication house in Southern California. Producing nearly 700 racing wings for the time attack and road racing community. In 2015, we began to migrate into the watch manufacturing market. Developing our own in house raw materials and processes in order to begin producing our first line of watches. Our first release is the Jeff Westphal Limited Edition watch. A unique radial forged carbon automatic, with an intricately designed brake rotor bezel, with tritium illumination beneath it. The case is an exhibition case with a sight glass on the back. The radial forged case is unique to the industry in that it is 100% carbon fiber, and no internal steel sleeve. This is possible due to the radial wound filament, wound from a continuous spool of aerospace carbon fiber. It is then cured under high pressure to give a tough and highly machinable material.

We are actively in development to create our first in house calibers within the next couple of years.